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I work exclusively with small businesses and non-profit organizations.


My mission is simply to help you succeed.


About Me

Thanks for stopping in!


I've worked as a business professional, a web designer, and a dedicated volunteer for non-profit entities. I enjoy the challenge of taking something that is outdated, unorganized, or inefficient and whipping it into something that is fresh and new. Of course, whipping up from scratch is nice too.

Since I've been a small business owner and a volunteer myself, I understand that you have a lot on your plate. I also get that it's difficult to find trusted people to do a job well. I work hard to earn my clients' trust and it's a privilege to gain it.

Apart from work and other responsibilities, my favorite times are hanging out with family and friends, especially when I can simultaneously munch on a tasty meal or sip a spicy Chai Latte. My favorite Chai is topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. What? Ok, so maybe it's really liquid dessert, but I still call it tea.

~Lori Hostetler

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